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concrete pump reducer pipe

concrete pump reducer pipe

Concrete pump reducer pipe

There are two types of reducer pipe , one is usual reducer pipe , and the other isreducer with handle. And the reducer pipe inner wall put one layer wear resistent welding layer,, make the reducer pipe more wear resistence and service life is more longer

Concrete pump reducer pipe thickness and material

Material: My reducer pipe are made from different material ,like 150-125mm reducer pipe like that , material is 37Mn5,this more is more resistence. And little size reducer pipe material is 20# or st52 material, like 4"-3",3"-2".

Thickness: About thickness,also different sizes have different thciknesses,like 150-125mm reducer pipe as an example, thickness is 7.72mm or 9.17mm. About little size reducers, thickness is 6.0mm-7.0mm. Which one you need , it depends one your idea.


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